Euroculture Sdn Bhd, is a Malaysian based Geotechnical Solution provider. Serving Malaysia and Oman, our team provides round-the-clock support to make sure that the design and installation of Geobrugg systems are carried out to meet the satisfaction of our clients engineered solution. Geobrugg AG,  a 45 year old Swiss company, in more than 45 countries has developed and produced technologically mature protection systems from high tensile steel wire and installed world wide. Their experience over 20 years of the South East Asian geology and weather patterns makes them the leaders in dynamic and static protective structures against

  • Rockfall

  • Avalanches

  • Debris Flow

  • Mud Flow, and

  • Slope Failures

All systems of Geobrugg are independently 1:1 field tested with emphasis on Safety to people and infrastructure. Since the introduction of dynamic rockfall protection barriers over 40 years ago in Switzerland, net designs were continually researched and developed to catch and retain rockfall, debris flow and small snow avalanches. From 1989 through 2013, several research projects with Geobrugg in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, South .

Korea, Switzerland and now in Malaysia with PETRONAS, conducting 1:1 field tests has and is being realised with the targets to improve the energy absorbing capacity, the economy and the safety of geohazard barriers, and static slope protection systems.


The materials and services offered in the following are based on the latest technology and knowledge, gained thru comprehensive field tests and practical applications worldwide. For a proper and safe function, it is important that only originally manufactured materials of Geobrugg are used and the systems are installed according to the various product manuals under the supervision of Geobrugg trained professional.


   Riverbank Protection

Railway Line Protection - exclusively required by German Railway