Geobrugg’s solutions adds product confidence from their many years of experience and technological innovations.  Geobrugg solutions are Durable, Reliable, Sustainable and Affordable.



All Geobrugg products are galvanised against corrosion, making the system longer lasting, with Geobrugg proprietary technology in corrosion resistance. Life expectancy can extend from three to six times longer than normal galvanizing.  Although we advocate periodic inspections, the systems are virtually maintenance-free.


3-dimensional TECCO high tensile wire mesh with rock nailing at Alam Damai, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Consultant: Zaidun-Leeng Consulting Engineers



The two debris failure was successfully managed by Geobrugg debrisflow solutions. With rigorous lab testing and CE certification, Geobrugg systems deliver on performance time after time.  With tensile strength of wire at 1,700 N/mm2 made in wire mesh and Rocco Ring Net rupture-proof yet flexible. The Geobrugg solutions rockfall barriers can manage rockfalls up to 8,000 kJ, certified by Euro Standards.


Fraser’s Hill Debris Flow Barrier, Pahang, Malaysia

Consultant: Nexus Engineering Consultants



With sustainable development comes less environmentally intrusive solutions.  Green construction and procurement are gaining traction in many parts of the world.  A life-cycle assessment study conducted by the Japanese Institute of Engineers on Geobrugg products show a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions due to elimination of shotcrete.  While introducing a robust system and encouraging a one step green environment, Geobrugg systems also beautify slopes as the mesh becomes practically invisible when the vegetation grows over it thus creating a pleasant driving environment.


Soil slope stabilisation at Bharat Tea House, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Consultant: IKRAM and Enceal Consulting Engineers



A two time slope failure was re-stabilized by Geobrugg Tecco system. Because Geobrugg systems require less material as compared to rigid structures, users see a cost-savings of 30 to 50% compared to concrete structures. This is made possible by the durability and strength of Geobrugg’s individual parts, so using less material doesn’t mean compromising on performance. 


SYABAS reservoir, Taman Wangsa Ukay, Ampang, Malaysia

As Nations move towards achieving a developing status, first class infrastructure technology elements are considered. The Geobrugg products and system's benefit by Life Cycle Cost due to its longer lasting characteristic.

Consultant: Mohd Asbi and Associates