Some of the solutions identified below have failed overtime as they are only short term solutions. Remediation to stop any recurrence of environmental disasters would require a long term solution as offered by Geobrugg.


Anchor beam

This protection method often needs comprehensive, difficult and
cost-intensive construction. For this purpose, entire road sections need to be closed. The natural beauty of slopes is disrupted by the visible anchor beams.


Gunite cladings

To provide sufficient rigidity, the supporting nails or anchors must be set in a tight grid. Also, the cladding bowl needs to be a certain thickness. High material usage leads to higher costs. It is also reduces greenery and the cladding can be damaged by water and weather.


Wire rope net

Wire rope nets, which come as square or rectangular nets, can only cover a few square meters each: to connect these to larger areas is relatively time-consuming.

And as net ropes are generally made from wires with minor zinc plating, corrosion protection is limited and the life expectancy is shorter. The
fastening elements, which are used to affix the individual mesh panels, offer a limited amount of strength.


Wire rope nettings and rope restraints

The force absorption capability of the nettings and restraints is limited.  Because the component parts are not coordinated, the stability of each part is not equally distributed. Rope tension tends to lessen over time. This method is also problematic on rock areas with irregular surfaces.